Picking Up My Golf Clubs

After the fiasco of one online company here in UK giving me the run around for two weeks, my wife said why not call American Golf and see what they have in the left hand range.

A full set of clubs, they call them a golf package will be in the back of my car Friday. Relief.

Sunday out on the course for the first time in, can’t remember, in England. Of course played for 21 year in Thailand.

Will give a full report on the clubs after the first round.

Relief, Relief.


Cancelled Golf Clubs

Today I cancelled the golf set from a company. After two weeks of a no show I was starting to lose it. The excuses were at first the left hand clubs do not come with a cart bag. Ok no problem a stand bag will do. Then a few days later, just as we were shipping the clubs we noticed that the bag was faulty. We will order a new bag. OK. But after two weeks enough is enough and I spoke to someone and they told me that the clubs are not in stock and I could have another make. NOOOOooooo. So I cancelled. Missed two of golf and still no clubs.

You would think that with the current encomic climate they would have gone out their way to make sure the customer would receive good service. Not on your life.

So now I look for another set. Will keep you updated


Looking For Golf Balls

The Callaway Warbird are the golf balls that will give you more distance and smooth control when the club face makes contact.

Set yourself away from the crowd with these golf balls.


Nike Golf Shoes

Had a great bargain from Direct Sports shop at a nearby shopping mall. Great price and fit like a glove, just waiting to try them on the course. Just waiting for my elusive golf clubs , you know if you read my earlier posts on golf clubs, they still not arrived. But that first outing is going to be most welcome.

Take a look at the pictures of my new shoes all nice and clean. Won’t be for long. Will give an in-depth review on the shoes later.

Until next time: FORE


Waiting For My New Clubs

Following on from my last post. My new clubs are yet to arrive and no golf has yet, but soon. Purchase a pair of golf shoes, review is on the way, glove and a few other pieces equipment.

Patiently waiting for the off.

Back to Golf

Hi everyone.

I thought I would start this blog up with experiences of my golf and hope you find interesting topics that will help you with your golf.

Just a short history on my own golf career. You can find a full run down in the about page (not quite finished). Well I started playing about 21 years ago. Played mostly while working in Thailand. More pages to come on golf courses in Thailand at a later date. Returned to the UK about 3 years and have not played since. However, the bug has got me again and I should be up and running very soon, when my new set of clubs arrive.

So I look forward to you joining me at the blog.

So long for now and FORE